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Danica Lee Clauser is an actor and a video editor from southeast Pennsylvania. She studied acting for theatre and film at New York University, while also getting her producing minor.

Danica got her start in theatre studying at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, where she focused on speech and language, the works of Shakespeare and Chekhov, and implementing the techniques she learned in modern scripts. 


While her early background may have been in theatre, studying at Stonestreet Studios helped Danica realize that film was where her heart was. In addition to acting, she developed her skills as a video editor. Danica is now a co-founder of Bare Bones Filmmakers, which specializes in narrative shorts. She acts as the editor and sound designer for the company's projects. Danica has edited content for New York City Children's Theater's "Start the Conversation" Series, as well as the "Justine Snacks" Youtube channel.

recent work
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Marlow - Short Film

Ten years after selling his soul to a demon, Peter seeks help from his best friend, Lily, to escape his fate in his final hours. 

Coming Soon.

Inkblack - Pilot

Set in 1963, ex lovers Harris and Violet attempt to untangle the mystery of their college town's string of murders, only to find a shapeshifting demon claiming the souls of their classmates.

Coming Soon. 

72 MILES - Short Film

The last short film of Bare Bones Filmmakers' unofficially named "Quarantine Series," 72 Miles was shot in the beginning of 2021 in northern Vermont. Follow Emma in this survival thriller across a frozen landscape as she tries to escape her kidnapper.

THE HERETICS - Short Film | MIFF 2021

Bare Bones Filmmakers' submission for the 2021 Moment Invitational Film Festival! #MIFF2021


Set 200 years after the "Collapse," Jax and Alya journey through the outskirts of the Northeast Kingdom in order to find his missing father. They face an endless wilderness, violent foes, and the ruins of a past civilization.


THE HERETICS is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy short film shot entirely on the iPhone 11 and the DJI Mavic Air 2.

Mirror to the World - An Interview with David A. Gaines

David A. Gaines is a poet in the greater Philadelphia area, as well as the 2020 Montgomery County Poet Laureate. Having been raised in and around Christianity, David discusses the role that faith has played in his career as a poet. David uses poetry to claim his individuality, and to explore activism through the lens of joy. Check out David A. Gaines’s debut book of poetry, “soft boy.”, available now at:

"Cold Morning With New Catastrophes" - A Poem by Hayden Saunier

“Cold Morning With New Catastrophes” written and read by Hayden Saunier from A Cartography of Home. Used with permission of Terrapin Books.

Check out more of Hayden's work at

The Other - Short Film

A young woman is house sitting when strange things happen in her sleep. The more she investigates, the more dangerous the "other" becomes...

"The Happiness of Dogs"

Dogs are some of the most pure beings on the planet. They are our best friends, and we love them whole heartedly. This is Bare Bone's Filmmakers' little ode to our furry companions. "The Happiness of Dogs" is a poem by Grant Clauser.

E X O D U S 

What if this was your last day on Earth? EXODUS is a short film featuring "Last" - a poem by Grant Clauser.

Hi, Do You Have Any Pets? 

Motivated by positive affirmations and conversation openers, a 27-year-old virgin approaches and goes on a 1-night adventure with a sarcastic aspiring dancer around NYC. See the full-length short at


For more information, head to

Filthy Rich - Web Series

To Kendra, it’s the fanciest night of the year. To everyone else, it’s the worst birthday party they’ve ever been to. Not because of the secrets, lies, or tragedy, but because of the lack of alcohol and the inadequate entertainment.

Catch the full series on Amazon Prime at

For more information head to 

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