"I'm an actor and a filmmaker from southeast Pennsylvania. I studied acting for theatre and film at New York University, while also getting my producing minor.

I got my start in theatre studying at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, where I focused on speech and language, the works of Shakespeare and Chekhov, and implementing the techniques I learned in modern scripts. 


While my early background may have been in theatre, studying at Stonestreet Studios helped me realize that film was where my heart was. In addition to acting, I developed my skills as a video editor. I am now a co-founder of Bare Bones Filmmakers, which specializes in narrative shorts. I act as the editor, sound designer, and colorist for the company's projects. 

I live in a world where magic exists. I live in a world where time travel is real, and I have to fight the monsters that come out of the wormhole. I experience a life where I can move things with my mind, where where the capabilities of human intelligence have no limits, where love and heartbreak drive me to do fantastical and unprecedented things. People say that you only live one life, but I say to hell with that. Because with just one life in film, I can live a many as I want."